Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Day 42

Day 42
Date: July 31st, 2008
Current Location: About 7Km’s from Haley Station

Today we traveled from Stonecliffe, Ont. to a campsite about 7Km’s from Haley Station, Ont. The drive today, like yesterday, went fairly smoothly. The shoulders were pretty narrow and filled with gravel like they have been for the last couple but the other drivers were pretty good. It seems that the shear amount of drivers on the highways had increased quite a bit.

We ended up staying in a really interesting biblically themed campground. The campground had a waterslide, a restaurant shaped like an ark, a petting zoo, a lake and mini golf. Because it was a Christian campground, it had some pretty strict policies about conduct. The rules ranged from swimming attire to use of firearms and explosives. One rule stated that “no person shall bring into or have in the park any explosive substance such as fireworks..., dynamite, or rockets.” The campground also had a rule stating that “no person shall carry, possess or discharge firearms of any description."

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