Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Day 44

Day 44
Current Location: Lachute, Que.
Date: Augest 2nd, 2008

Today we traveled from Gatineau to a small town called Lachute. To my amazement the traffic was moderately tame and the roads were fairly well kept. The highway even surprisingly had a designated lane for cyclists. The designated lane for cyclists was pretty much just a glorified shoulder but it was really nice none the less. The drive today would have been really fantastic if it wasn’t for the copious amount of rain. Kelly and Vanessa were both fairly drenched by the rain.

When we reached Lachute, we ended up staying at a motel for the first time since Surrey B.C. Kelly and I ended up making rice in the motel room because nothing seemed to be open that was in walking distance and because we're both becoming fairly broke. I miss having a disposable income.

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